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Montavo is revolutionizing the world of advertising with Montavo's Ad Spendometer by letting advertisers see, for the first time, the ROI from their online and TV advertising at offline stores. Finally, you’ll be able to know which ads are driving customers to brick-and-mortar retailers, as well as the exact amount of revenue and profit each ad generates.

With 85% of retail sales happening in stores, you can’t afford to guess which online and TV ads are working. Now with Montavo, you don’t have to. Get started as a Montavo advertiser today.

As a publisher or developer, you face a lot of competition for advertising dollars. Montavo lets you stand out from the crowd by giving advertisers exactly what they’ve been looking for (but haven’t had until now): the ROI generated by their online and TV ads for sales at brick-and-mortar locations. This is game-changing information that will have advertisers lining up to advertise in your app or on your website.

Even better, Montavo lets you earn additional revenue on any ads that are part of the Montavo advertising ecosystem—even on ads that are delivered outside your app and/or website. Get started today as a Montavo-enabled publisher/developer.

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Introducing Montavo retailMaaP

The Montavo RetailMaap (Montavo Ad Analytics Platform) system is a breakthrough technology that gives both advertisers and publishers exciting opportunities for new revenue.

With the Montavo RetailMaap, advertisers can finally see which online and TV ads are driving sales at brick-and-mortar stores. The result? Targeted, measurable advertising and a clear picture of ROI.

For publishers, the Montavo RetailMaap makes your app or website the platform of choice for today’s leading online advertisers. The fact is, when they see what Montavo can do for their bottom lines, they won’t go anywhere else.

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There are no contracts, commitments, or minimum enrollment periods. You can use the Montavo service and solution for as long as you like and stop at any time.

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